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The services that  “CORATEL” Ltd. Tirana provides are :
Sale and installation of a communication system:

1. Analog Equipment (PMR) 50-1000 W HF.VHF.UHF
2. Digital / Analog equipment  VHF / UHF and IP Trunking System NXDN-FDMA, TDMA-DMR,
P25 (1 & 2) Site 1 to 1025 (Single Site or Multi Sites)
3. Tetra system 1-1024  Sites
4. Systems for sending and receiving DATA, SMS, Photo by Radio Systems
5. GPS systems for any vehicle and hand radio
6. Antennas  HF / VHF / UHF for all types of communication systems
7. Full HD camera system, IP and AHD
8. Alarm Systems for every type of area
9. Fire Alarm Systems for every type of area
10. Military Equipment narratives of all kinds to NATO Standards by 100 W – 10 KV
11. Military Communications Systems LTE
12. Encryption systems of all types
13. Etc.